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Current portrait of Laura Cuttier

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Asunción, Paraguay, I’ve been crafting immersive digital experiences for over a decade, spanning diverse industries and bridging the gap between user needs and business goals. I’m driven by the thrill of tackling complex challenges and collaborating seamlessly with my teams to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Technologically adept and ever-enthusiastic about exploring the innovative frontiers of technology, I’m particularly passionate about designing user-centric B2B tools and self-management platforms. I enjoy learning about accessibility and the boundless potential of artificial intelligence drives me to constantly expand my knowledge and apply it to initiatives that empower individuals and improve lives.

Especially interested in collaborating with kid-friendly to educational solutions, healthcare to mental well-being tools, sports to sustainability innovations, I’m excited to contribute my expertise to products that make a genuine impact and uphold ethical principles.

When I’m not immersed in the digital world, you’ll find me embarking on refreshing hikes in the mountains, exploring the captivating charm of medieval towns, cherishing precious moments with my family, capturing moments through photographs, and immersing myself in the captivating worlds of science fiction series.

Design principles

Stay inquisitive and dedicated

Continuous improvements at the top. There is no room for settling, better designs can always be made, one iteration at a time.

Excellence in process, achieving mastery

It is all about details. From organisation, structure, deliverables and follow-up, they are crucial in achieving the objectives.

Embrace change and keep motivated

Always keep up to date. Technology, context and challenges are all allies to improve our expertise.

Collaborative spirit

Most important thing: collaboration and good relationship with colleagues and stakeholders. It is all about negotiating with the best professionals.

Experience timeline

until now
Vueling Airlines
Image of Vueling's office in 2019

As a Senior Product Designer I contribute with the design and iteration of several holistic projects from discovery to delivery working closely with research and content, as well as product managers, product owners and developers. Projects are mainly focused on:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction and user engagement in post booking services for B2C and B2B tools including web and mobile technologies.
  • Reducing time invested in designing new products and functionalities to boost productivity through the Vueling’s design system: UIKIT library and styles guide.
  • Eliminate 80% of dependencies and maintain consistency within the entire informative content through the CMS components and design guide.
Community by InnoEnergy
Image of Laura Cuttier's desk in 2018

UX/UI Designer contributing to increase engagement and retention rates by working on the website redesign: information architecture, usability, wireframing, UI and front-end of the Hivebrite Community platform.

2012 - 2018
CUMO Creativity
Image of Laura Cuttier's desk in 2016

Freelance Generalist Designer collaborating on new product strategies from different companies, to enhance acquisition and engagement metrics through design work based on: research, UX, UI and graphic design for web and mobile projects. Worked also in branding, style guides and hand-crafted illustrations.

2012 - 2013
Cherry Apps
Portrait of Laura Cuttier in 2012

UX/UI Designer collaborating in projects with focus on mobile-first strategies, working on research, UX, UI and branding for webapps and native apps (Android and iOS).

Areas of expertise

Product design
Interaction design
Graphic designer

Motivational words