Acquiring and assigning extras

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Seamlessly streamline the process for groups to add extras, maximizing convenience and profits.

The challenge awakens

On the Vueling Groups platform, travel agents faced limitations managing extras for their group bookings before flights. This acquiring and assigning process within the broader post-booking workflow wasn’t user-friendly, hindering overall efficiency.

These people struggled with a confusing and disjointed platform lacking features for self-managing bookings, and had to call customer service to solve their issues. This reliance led to cost inefficiencies.

We also noticed that separate workflows for acquiring and assigning products complicated conversions and resulted in low sales for offered options.

Brainpower unleashed

After researching and uncovering user pain points, patterns, and needs, we discovered a complex ecosystem of user behaviors.

Together with the team, we improved the flow experience by considering a new technology and its limitations.

We also applied consistent visual and interaction design, creating a fresh experience that empowers users to discover relevant features at their own pace.

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Together we win

Reduced costs in calls

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased revenue

Secrets behind our success?

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