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The company

With the heartfelt mission of transporting a piece of Naples, their hometown, to the cosmopolitan cities of Spain, the owners of NAP, a pizzeria located in Spain with restaurants in six cities, envisioned sharing the authentic “√® cos√¨ che facciamo” spirit with their patrons. This passion for genuine ‚ÄúVerace Pizza Napoletana‚ÄĚ shines through in the exceptional quality and taste of their creations.

Image of NAP pizzeria

The opportunity

We had the exciting opportunity to develop a new solution that would give our client deeper insights into their online audience’s behavior, allowing them to tailor their services accordingly. We started by defining a comprehensive business strategy and key metrics to assess the project’s success.

The innovation

Introducing the AI-powered ordering experience with our seamlessly integrated chatbot. This extraordinary tool empowers users to effortlessly order their favorite pizzas, offering personalized recommendations, answering users’ queries, and processing their orders with remarkable efficiency while remaining aligned with the company’s objectives.

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