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The rising popularity of personal mobility devices, including e-scooters and bikes, has brought about a wave of challenges in urban areas. These challenges focus on parking issues, battery charging difficulties, and safety concerns.

The lack of designated parking spots can lead to clutter and conflicts with other public space users, while the need to recharge batteries can be a real pain for those who suddenly find their scooter’s battery drained on the street or who forgot to bring their charger.

Additionally, safety concerns arise as these vehicles can be easily snatched by thieves, making them a target for robbery.

A win-win product


We offer a comprehensive service to establishments, handling their registration as clients and installing the charging station structure within their premises. We also provide a 3-month trial period to evaluate the benefits firsthand. Our system generates an economic return proportional to the monthly hours of use by users, providing you with transparent control over time used and earnings.


Our service is readily accessible to personal mobility vehicle (PMV) users, offering easy registration and the option to add frequently used vehicles. Our GPS-enabled app provides real-time guidance to nearby charging stations. Simply scan the QR code to activate and reserve your charging spot. Track your charging time and expenses with our transparent system. Create your favorites list to easily locate your preferred charging stations. Pay directly through our convenient in-app payment system.

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