Passenger list

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Improving usability and consistency to delight customers and boost NPS on the Vueling Groups platform.


Vueling Groups is a flight booking platform designed exclusively for groups of 10 people or more, making it easier for travel agencies to book flights for their clients.

On this platform, we have two types of users who interact with our product daily:

The challenge we faced

Due to some unclear aspects of the platform, we noticed a high rate of users abandoning the passenger list process. This resulted in Customer Service Agents (CAC) spending a significant amount of time manually recording names dictated to them by customers over the phone. This inefficiency hindered their ability to address other critical customer concerns.

Actions performed

We made a full page redesign which was guided by the findings of a heuristic analysis that incorporated Jakob Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics and Shneiderman’s 8 golden rules.

Remarkable outcomes

>90% reduction of incidences
0% new cases for CAC

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