Informative landing pages transformation

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Enhancing user satisfaction and increasing the productivity of Vueling's digital team.

Decrease in negative ratings

Streamlined development process

Improved team collaboration


Vueling, a Spanish low-cost airline, has embarked on an initiative to improve the digital user experience of its informative landing pages within its website. This project aims to enhance user satisfaction and streamline the digital team’s workflow by creating a comprehensive design guide.

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Prioritizing user experience

A positive UX is crucial for retaining customers and driving growth. In pursuit of this goal, we have undertaken a series of actions to enhance the landing page experience:

Enhancing digital team productivity

To complement the efforts to improve the pages UX, we established a design guide to enhance the digital team’s productivity (designers, ux writers and layout experts). This guide serves as a centralized repository of design principles, best practices, and reusable components.

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